Caption Reads RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region 1947
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(Navy) Philadelphia Experiment(Navy) Philadelphia Experiment (FOIA) View Article
(Navy) Philadelphia Experiment (Information Sheet)(Navy) Philadelphia Experiment (Information Sheet) (FOIA) View Article
(Navy) Philadelphia Experiment (Response)(Navy) Philadelphia Experiment (Response) (FOIA) View Article
(Navy) UFO Fact Sheet(Navy) UFO Fact Sheet (FOIA) View Article
(NSA) Communications Intelligence Report(NSA) Communications Intelligence Report (FOIA) View Article
(NSA) Crash In 1947 False (Majestic 12 / Roswell)(NSA) Crash In 1947 False (Majestic 12 / Roswell) (FOIA) View Article
(NSA) French Government - (UFO Study)(NSA) French Government - (UFO Study) (FOIA) View Article
(NSA) Janap 146 (FAA Guidelines)(NSA) Janap 146 (FAA Guidelines) (FOIA) View Article

"Stanton Friedman pieced together the beginings of the Roswell Story and released them in 1978."
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