Caption Reads RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region 1947
August 26th 2005 - Universal City, Tx 5:45am

I happened to have my digital camcorder with me as I left a friends house and walked to my car. I notice a very bright object in the sky and told my friend "Hey look at that" and without even telling him what I was looking at he spotted it right away. In the sky was a bright looking star pulsing blue,white,red,green in random order. In the sky was also the moon almost directly overhead and mars to the west of the moon. The object was low on the east-southeast horizon. I videod the object for aprox 20 minutes while watching with the naked eye. The camera was mounted on a tripod and after looking at my tape I now realize the object was in fact stationary. The reason I say this is that the movement of the earth was captured on video. The object moves smoothly to the south west and is easily seen since the camera was zoomed in at 8x. This video was shot with a Canon ZR-180.

After further research, I believe there was a star in the vicinity we were looking called Procyon which is a supergiant similar to our sun. Procyon is the 8th brightest star in the sky and is aprox 7 times brighter than our sun. However because its over 11 light years away it appears much weaker than our sun which is only 7 light minutes away. This may explain what the object was, and why it was so bright. The color changing characteristics it exhibited could have been caused by gases in our atmosphere, especially since I was near a large city.

Objects similar to this have been reported frequently in the areas surrounding San Antonio, starlike objects changing in color (red white and blue). So reguardless of what this object was, a star or something else, I decided to post my findings and video so that others who might be seeing this object have more to work from. I would appreciate any feedback you have. Email comments to Sightings{at}UfoCrashsite{dot}com.

Update: 3 days later same time, same place, I observed the same object, not as bright, which confirms my observation that it in fact is most likely a stationary object.

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Above image is unfocused to
demonstrating color changes.
Is this a view of Procyon thru gas
in our atmosphere or something else?

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