"Phoenix Lights (Part 1) - The Sighting"

March 13, 1997

March 13th, 1997 something appeared in the skies over Phoenix, Arizona. What appeared was more than something, it was several somethings. A chain of UFO sightings which traveled over a 300 mile area. Witnesses reported it leaving the Las Vegas area, moving across the border into Arizona, over Phoenix and then to Tucson.

The most amazing thing about this sighting was the witnesses. This sighting had hundreds if not thousands of witnesses. The event took place about 6:50pm Nevada time, and lasted over 3 hours. Witnesses included people from almost every walk of life. Doctors, lawyers, children, truckers and travelers all witnessed the events as they unfolded. The events were photographed, and video taped by some.

Reports poured into Luke Air Force Base, police stations and news stations all over the viewing areas. Some reported individual lights, others reported lights in the shape of a V or large ships passing overhead. Pilots and air traffic controllers at Sky Harbor Airport also witnessed the object passing.

Witnesses report jets being scrambled from Luke AFB, while the Air Force admits they recieved many calls, they deny that any jets were sent to pursue the objects. The AirForce released an explaination later that A-10 aircraft were running an excercise, and that flares were dumped from them at aprox 10:00pm Phoenix time.The Air Force Also stated that these flares could be seen up to 150 miles away.

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