"Roswell Witnesses - (Part 2)"

Written By
By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

:: Radio & News People ::

Walter Whitmore Sr. - KGFL radio owner, and friend of Mac Brazel.

Johnny McBoyle - KSWS Roswell Radio Manager who never aired the Roswell story.

Walter Haut - Roswell Army AirForce Public Relations Officer who wrote and released
report that a flying saucer had been recovered. Walter Haut founded the UFO Museum in
Roswell New Mexico in 1991.

Frank Joyce - Radio reporter who recieved "Flying Disc" news release from Walter Haut.

Lydia Sleppy - KOAT radio secretary in Albuquerque, recieved story from McBoyle, but
recieved orders from the FBI to not transmit the story.

Karl Lambertz - KOAT radio station manager, who witnessed the recieval of the initial
story, and then the FBI orders.

Judd Roberts - KGFL radio minority owner, heard the Brazel recording, and recieved a
threatning phone call from the Senator. He also visited the ranch along with Walt Whitmore
where he was turned away by military guards on July 9th.

Charles A Cashon - Photographer who took the famous Marcel with Weatherballoon photo.