"Roswell Witnesses - (Part 1)"

Written By
By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

:: Initial Contact With The Material ::

W.W or Mac Brazel - Foreman of the Foster Ranch who discovered the crash material
and reported it to the Sheriffs Dept.

Bill Brazel - Mac Brazels Son.

Floyd & Loretta Proctor - Neighbors of Brazel who examined pieces of wreckage over
the 4th of July weekend, when Brazel visited them and showed them the metal material.

Sheriff Wilcox - Roswell Sheriff who reported Brazels find to the Air Force.

Major Jesse Marcel - Intelligence Officer to 509th Bomb Group, who was one of the
first Army AirForce officers to see the wreckage.

Jesse Marcel Jr - Marcels Son, who observed materials and the supposed I-beam.

William Blanchard - Commander of the 509th group, who first visited the site with
Brazel and Marcel.

Rickett, Lewis S - CIC Agent who assisted in debris recovery from the crash site.

Sheridan Cavitt - CIC agent who accompanied Marcel to the Foster ranch to look at debris
reported by Brazel.

Robert Shirkey - 1st Lieutenant who witnessed metal being loaded onto a B-29 and heard it was
a crashed saucer, he saw what was later called the I-beam, and heard bodies were also recovered.

W. Curry Holden - Archaeologist who discovered 2nd crash site.