"Roswell Witnesses (Part 3)"

Written By
By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

:: Event Witnesses ::

Glenn Dennis - Ballard Funeral Home Mortitian, recieved calls asking for hermetically
sealed caskets, and recommendations for preserving bodies exposed to the elements
for several days. He also met a nurse who told him of autopsies performed on
"small non-human bodies".

Frank Kaufman - Claimed to have tracked Roswell UFO on Radar first at White Sands, and
then later at Roswell Army Air Field. He also said he saw the crash on radar. He was portrayed as
(Steve McKenzie) in Kevin Randles book.

Strickland, Lymann - Witnessed Brazel being escorted out of newspaper offices by the military.

Dennis Chávez - Senator and chairman of the influential Senate Appropriations Committee calls
Walt Whitmore to warn him about broadcasting interview with Brazel.

Ramey, Roger - Commander of the 8th Air Force, Organized the balloon story press release