"Roswell Dig (Part 1)"

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By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

The Roswell Dig 2002

In September 2002, the Sci-Fi channel sponsored "The Roswell Dig" in a search for evidence that something did crash in the New Mexico desert, 1947. The Dig took place over a 10 day period, with Bill Doleman of the University of New Mexico archaeology team as the principal investigator. The dig was to take place at the "Skip Site", or place the craft first crashed, leaving debris behind, before continuing to its final crash site.

The goal of this dig was to use state-of-the-art tools and and modern archeological forensic science techniques to gather evidence to prove or disprove the claims that something crashed in Roswell. Bill Doleman, three other archaeologists and six volunteers were hired by the Sci-Fi channel to conduct this investigation which spanned 9-10 days.

The idea behind the dig would be to survey the purported crash area, looking for a gouge or furrow, and then excavate the area for evidence. After a dig site was chosen, the team began work. The dig uncovered an anomaly while trenching with a backhoe, a V shaped furrow which was investigated further. When all work was done, over 66 soil samples had been taken, an electromagnetic conductivity survey, and a high-resolution metal detection survey. Archaeological testing of soil samples and pits revealed no debris, and the surveys revealed no furrows or gouges. Images of the area pre 1947 and after also revealed no furrows.

The materials (soil samples) were taken to the Roswell Wells Fargo bank where they would be held until further testing could be done.

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