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"Roswell Dig (Part 2) - Results"

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The Roswell Dig 2002 Results

When the dig was finished, the Sci-Fi channel released a statement that they had found a "smoking gun" indicating that they had evidence that something did take place. The smoking gun however was non related to the dig. The smoking gun that the Sci-Fi channel reported having, was a press photo from 1947 where an Army officer holds a piece of paper at the Roswell press interview. UFO researcher David Rudiak claimed this paper could be enchanced and read by use of computer technology.

Months later January 2003, people claimed that the site excavated was not even the correct site. Don Schmitt a well known Roswell investigator identified the site for Bill Doleman UNM archaeologist. Schmitt had visited the site before, with Bill Brazel in 1989. The site where he was taken was marked by a stone cairn. There have been reports that other locations have been described by witnesses within a 2 mile area.

Many people were disapointed by the show, which promised an unbaised look at the Roswell Crash, as well as a new approach to the whole debate. Many criticized that those involved in the dig were in the UFO field. They were believers, and were biased. People also criticised that the data used to find the debris site was inaccurate, and hadnt been checked as well as it should have. But finally with the end of this TV special, when the "Smoking Gun" was revealed turning out to be non related to the dig, it only started a new fire, on a topic open to interpretation. The dig had really produced no valuable scientific findings, and then put forth "evidence" which was controversial, just the opposite of what people thought the show was out to end, controversy.

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