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                                               21 September 1957
MEMORANDUM FOR: Acting Director, Central Intelligence

SUBJECT       : Unidentified flying Object Reported on 20 September 1957

       1. As reported by components of the US Air Defense Command, an unidentified
flying object (UFO) was tracked by US radars on a relatively straight course from the
eastern tip of Long Island to the vicinity of Buffalo. The object was reportedly moving
westward at an altitude of 50,000 feet and speed of 2,000 kts. "Jamming" was
reported by several radars in this vicinity and westward as far as Chicago. In a sub-
sequent briefing for representatives of the IAC, the US Air Force reported that the
original reports had been degraded somewhat by information that: (a) there was an
11 minute break in the tracks; (b) weather conditions in the area were of the type which
have in the past produced false radar pips and electronic interference; (c) B-47's of
SAC were in the area near Chicago on an ECM training flight. The ADC has not
completed its investigation of this incident, but in any event it now seems clear that
the phenomena reported west of Buffalo were not related to the UFO.

       2. We have no intelligence on Soviet activities (e.g. long range air, sub-
marine, or merchant shipping operations) which can be related specifically to this
reported event. We believe it unlikely that a Soviet aircraft could conduct a mission
at this speed and altitude and return to Bloc territory. However, we credit the USSR
with the capability to have a submarine-launched cruise-type missile of low
subsonic [supersonic] performance and a range of about 500 n.m., but we have no specific evidence
of the existence of such a missile.

       3. We have examined possible Soviet motives for launching a one-way vehicle
on an operation over the US, and consider that there would be little motivation at this
time, except possibly a psychological or retaliatory motive, which we believe is
marginal. One-way reconnaissance operations are largely ruled out by the likelihood
that the results would be of small value, and the risk of compromise would be very

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      4. We conclude, therefore, that it is highly improbable that a Soviet operation
is responsible for the UFO reports of 20 September.
      5. Considering the fact that the ADC investigation is incomplete, and that
weather phenomena are increasingly likely explanations of the original reports, we
recommend that no IAC meeting be called on this subject at this time

                                               HERBERT SCOVILLE, Jr.

Copies to IAC Agencies as follows: 

AEC          1
ONI          3
FBI          1
JIG          2
ARMY         3
STATE        3
CIA          5


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