Caption Reads RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region 1947

Transcribed To Text
By Paul of



                         (TO BE FILLED IN)

1. Information on camera:

   Name of camera:

   Camera Manufacturer:

   Lense number and other data printed around lense:

   For the camera "bug"; what was the focal length of the 
   lens-camera combination you were using?

2. Date pictures were taken:

3. Time of day pictures were taken (to the nearest minute,
   if you can):

4. Direction you were facing at the time of photography
   (North, South, East, West, ect.):

5. Your location at time of photography (indicate location on
   map, such as road map, and show direction you were facing
   when pictures were taken):

6. The direction of each 360 degree ground orientation picture:
   (this can easily be shown on a map or sketch)

7. Sketch of details of area where you were standing when
   photography was taken; include such things as telephone
   pole, fence posts, buildings, ect;

8. Where was the original negative processed and when:


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"Dreamland was a name given to Area 51 by a pilot, its the name of a Edgar Alan Poe poem."
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