Caption Reads RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region 1947
"Student Papers Thereon Received from Dr Thorton Page."

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By Paul of


TO     : Deputy Assistant Director, Collection, SI      DATE: 26 January 1960

FROM   : Chief, Applied Science Division, SI

SUBJECT: Flying Saucers--Student Papers Thereon Received from
           Dr. Thorton Page

              1. The following comments are submitted for your information
         and use in replying to Dr. Page. The students' papers are
         returned herewith.

              2. These student papers are in many respects interesting and
         most of them reflect a solid intellectual attempt to evaluate the
         evidence. The problem apparently remains a stimulating one, and
         especially suitable for exercising the rational powers of minds
         both young and old. most of the students have done a good job in
         seperating subjective views from objective reporting. It seems
         significant that no essentially new substantiating evidence
         emerged from this exercise.

                                                      W. E. ??XOW

           14 essays


Sources --
"It is believed as many as 8 alien bodies were found at the Roswell Crash, One or Two alive."
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