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To                                      DATE: 16 December 1960

FROM:  Chief, Detroit Office

SUBJECT: Sighting of Unusual Object

    1. If the USAF is still interested in unidentified objects in the sky they
may be interested in the following report given to us by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    2.  "At about 6:54 pm Wednesday, 14 December 1960, I had the radio on and
was listening to a program (the second three star report which would fix the exact
time.) I looked out to the left (about due est) and saw an object that looked
like a meteor except that it was extremely large and almost like a disc, not like
a point of light. It was a greenish light (just off white), but green and quite
visible to me. I may not have picked it up as soon as it appeared but it was
visible to me at an angle of an elevation of about 50 to 55 degrees and it came down
to within about 20 degrees elevation. Of course it is impossible to estimate
distance as I didn't know what I was looking at, my first impression was that it
would land in the Detroit River. It was moving at an angle to the vertical of about
10 degrees, running off to the right or the south. It eventually burned out before
it got to the ground. The thing which astonished me about it was that it is not
the meteorite season and it was much bigger than anything I had ever seen. It was
definitely incandescent, and of a very high temperature. XXXXXXX

    3. "During my class a little later I asked if any of the students had seen
XXXXXXX was the only one who saw it. He said he was going east on Hines Drive.
He thought it was going to land at the end of Hines Drive. Hines Drive runs east
and west. He said he was about two or three miles west of Telegraph and when asked
about where it was going to land he said about Telegraph. Telegraph is about three
miles west of where I was, so that means he judged it was closer. This errror
in his estimate verifies that it must have been a sizeable object because it was
east of me and it looked big to me. He said he was driving fairly fast when he saw
it, but had exactly the same impression I did.

who was not in my class last night, said he saw it. However, I have not had an
opportunity to question him.

    5. "This was not flying saucer stuff. I say that only in the sense that I
have worked all my life with high temperature. I am a doctor here in dynamics and
physics and I know a high temperature when I see it. That's why I would say the
object was way up in temperature. I thought it might be related to some part of a
missile or something similar. It was going at a high velocity and had to in order
to reach the temperature it was at."

XXXXXXXXXX                      XXXXXXXXXXXX                 XXXXXXXXXXXXX

                                                           APPROVED FOR RELEASE

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