"Maybe There Is No UFO"

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By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

SOURCE CODE: PO/9?00/67/6?0/???/0009/0009
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TITLE: Maybe there is no UFO!

SOURCE: Zeinfer? ???nn???, no, 303, 22-2G D?? 67, p. 9, cols, 2-3

TOPIC TAGS: unidentified flying object, astron???? observatory, air force organization,(written military personel)


Last Novermber [1967] the Soviet Union formed a committee for the investigation of unidentified flying objects (UFO's). This committee, a part of ???AAF, is under the command of Air Force Major General Porfiny Stolyarov. General Stolyarov recommended that the photographic investigation method be used. The data obtained during this investigation will be correlated by the Pulkovo Astronomical Obvservator, and the ?????? Astronomical Observatory. the observations have been entrustred to a chain of astroniomical observatories all over the USSR as well as to civil aviation. Orig. art ???? figure.

SUB CODE:?????/???? DATE: none/ ATD PRESS: 6072

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