"Are Flying Saucers a Myth?"

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AUTHOR: Lyuetiberg, V. (Science coursentator for APN)

TITLE: Are flying saucers a myth? [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX](b)(3)

SOURCE: pravda Ukrainy, no. 40, 17 FEB 68, p. 4, cols, 2-7

TOPIC ????: ???? phenomena, unidentified flying object, atmospheric phenomenon

ABSTRACT: Various eyewitness acounts of UFO's are described. It is concluded
that UFO's are a myth. The single and chance appearanced
investigation. Stereoscopic photography is not reliable: it is impossible
simultaneously to follow from two points the accurate outlines of a solid
flying object. All pictures made by one-objective cameras have room for doubt.
It is true that there are pictures which do not raise doubts
They always show objects of round or oval shae with diffused outlines, probably ball
ligtning. The nature of ball lightning is unknown because of the utter lack of
information about the time and place of its formation. it cannot be described
as being of outterspace origin. Even during superficial analysis, it is found
that the mysterious flares on clouds are reflections of electric welding,
signals from aircraft: near airports, or remote summer lightning. The November
"saucer" of 1957 above Sofia turned out fo be a scouting balloon of NATO. When



the Western public has to have its attention disctracted from politics of economics, there
appear flying saucers, Loch Ness monsters, or ???????





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