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Farmers Burning Straw To Make Up For Delays
in Bulgarian 11 Aug 89 p 2

[Unattributed report: "Warning Tip: Ban on "Flying
Saucers Made of Straw"]

[Text] It is well-known how the short-lived sensational
story ended concerning the unidentified flying object
that was recently reported to have landed near Moscow;
Unprejudiced investigations produced a perfectly pro-
siac explainations, namely the combustion of a large
ammount of dry grass. We would not mention this attempt
to make up for the summer shortage of interesting news
with a fabricated story, if the danger had not recently
arisen of similar "launching areas" also appearing in the
fields of Bulgaria.

Delays are occurring in collecting the straw from har-
vested fields, and because in many areas this has begun
to hinder the timely completion of the basic soil cultiva-
tion operations, it is no wonder that certain leaderships
may be tempted "to put a match to it," without wasting
any time in thinking of the existing categorical prohibi-
tation on this, it is not superfluous to remind ourselves
that though prohibitions may well exist, violations of
those prohibition exist as well.

The lowest percentages of straw have been collected in
Sofia, Razgrad, Burges, and Mikhaylovgrad Oblasts
(between 36 and 45 percent). Marked differences cen be
noted in the way the different minicipalities are carrying
out this agricultural tank. Whereas a few days ago Vetiko
Turnovo Municipality had completed 97 percent of this
task, and Lom Municipality had collected the straw from
86 percent of the hawvested fields. Mikhaylovgrad
Minicipality had only completed one-third of the work.


17 August 1989

Of course objective seasons do exist. Large ammounts of
straw left over from last year can been seen, and village
farmers are refraining from collecting and bailing the
straw in order to avoid excess expenditures (which are
not insignificant). However, the true farmer finds a way
out, for example by distributing ?????ted ammounts of
straw to private farmers, or bailing it to keep it in reserve
for the needs of stockbreeding and vegetable production.

Every solution is good in its own way, but one is
absolutely unacceptable, and that is burning!

Without mentioning the danger presented by stubble
burning, and without considering in detail the losses,
which can very easily multiply (as much mtters are clear
to everyone), let us remind ourselves of the extremely
unfavorable ecological consequence. Many of us, if not
all, have seen the balck patches ceased by the fires, the
soil backed hard as brick.... the earth carries such wounds
for a long time, and they are not easily cured.

Thus, the "landing" of such "flying saucers" made of
straw must continue to be prohibited. If the telltale signs
of orange flames should nevertheless appear anywhere,
our readers know whom to inform of the violation.

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