"UFO Briefing for Dr. Edward Condon, 5 May 1967"

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8 May 1967


SUBJECT: UFO Briefing for Dr. Edward Condon, 5 May 1967

        1.  At 0900 on 5 May 1967, XXXXXXXXXXXXX presented a briefing
covering his analysis of the Jonesville, Ohio, UFO photography.
The briefing was given in the     conference room, and in attendance
were Dr. Edward Condon, University of Colorado: Dr. Robert Lowe,
University of Colorado; Dr. William Hartman, University of Arizona;
Dr. Charles Reed, National Research Council; Dr. Thomas Hatchford;
was very well received by Dr. Condon and his colleagues, and they
were most enthusiastic. They were impressed with the scope of the
analysis XXXXXXXXXXX had conducted, which included ground survey
techniques, established and new mathmatical analysis of a UFO that would
stand up to investigation. Dr. Condon and members of his group
questioned XXXXXXXXXXXX in detail during and after the analysis
and were very impressed with the quality of his work.

        2.  Preliminary arrangements were made to get XXXXXXXXX
XXXXX in contact with Dr. Lowe, University of Colorado, so that
contractual arrangements could be made to carry on analysis by
XXXXXXXXX but under financing from U.S. Air Force/University of
Colorado. To start this procedure, XXXXXXXXXXXXX contacted
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and suggested that he call Dr. Lowe
to initiate the appropriate discussions. I understand this was
followed through later in the day. This would transfer most of
the future analysis to the University of Colorado control, but
Dr. Condon indicated he wished to keep a channel open into our
organization. He was most appreciative of the unofficial role
NPIC had played in assisting the development of this special
photogrammetric technique to analyze uncheduled photography.

        3.  There was discussion held concerning methods of interesting
the American public in participating in UFO photography. No
specific conclusions were drawn, but it was suggested that it
might be advisable to review all the photography NICAP holds,
and conduct photogrammetric analyzes on any that have the
appropriate and neccessary information available. This would put
Dr. Condon in a position to say that he had reviewed and analyzed


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SUBJECT: UFO Briefing for Dr. Edward Condon, 5 May 1967

all the photography in NICAP files, and was now depending on the
American public to furnish him new photography. Also discussed
was the possibility of making available to police officers, on
military posts, airline pilots, and such people, polaroid cameras
for instant use. no conclusions were arrived at, but some interesting
thoughts were tabled. It was, however, felt by all that more
publicity was needed.

        4. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX report on his analysis of the Jonesville
photography will be forwarded to XXXXXXXXXXXX in the near future
for distribution to Dr. Hatchford and Dr. Condon.

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