"Minutes of Branch Chief's Meeting of 11 August 1952"

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                      Branch Chief's Meeting of
                           11 August 1952

      The meeting was at 0835 in Mr. Steele's office with a quorum consisting
of Mr. Sullivan Chairman, Mr. Thorn, Mr. Barnard, Mr. Engle, Dr. Fairechild,
Dr. Fondiller, Mr. Gordon, Dr. Harkin and Mr. Rajala.

Mr. Sullivan opened the meeting by saying that a project is to be
started in the P&E Division of "Flying Saucers." It [was] had been suggested by
Dr. Odarenko that this project be set up to maintain [the] a file [to establish]
[outside contacts] on such matters [and to build up the up to date knowledge
of the aplicable experts] to permit the Division  and office to take a stand
and to formulate an opinion as might be required.

      ATIC has the job of finding out about these flying saucers and keeping
records. ??? is responsible for getting information for CIA. All members
of the P&E division are to look into this project and see what they can
contribute to this problem. Each Branch ??? appointed a representative:
Mr. Elby for Physics, and Mr. Barnard for electronics and Communications.
      Ray Gordon is Project Officer for the P&E Division. He is to
find out who is handling the project in ??? and get a past history of
what has been found out in the field of meteorology, radar and the other
sciences. He should secure reports from ATIC and bring us up-to-date on
what has been done.

     Mr. Steele wanted to know if P&E should be in the position to answer
requests coming to us. Since ATIC has a standard form for reference
purposes, requests would be answered through contact with them. Air Force
has local agents to look into any questions coming to them. ATIC has a 
record, it was believed, to cover the whole world.
     It was stated that Mr. S Possony, who may be a special officer is


A-2 may be able to contribute something to this problem, Mr. Sullivan
gave a summary of the 5 years that Mr. Strong spend ????????????????.

       There was no specific problem to be discussed. The meeting was



(Hand Written)
 * Where so many flying saucers have been
reported of late. ???? Mr strong knew
many ????? there and traveled the area
extensively, no unusual phenomena were
ever mentioned or seen.

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