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                          1 July 1965


Havana PRENSA LATIKA in Spanish 2140 GMT 5 July 1965--E XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

(Excerpt) Buenos Aires, 5 July-- While rumors of a coup are increasing, the
goverment, in a McCarthy-like campaign launched in recent weeks by several
reactionary groups, has just taken the first official step toward repressing
the leftwing forces by means of a resolution which lumps together the fascist
organizations and the Communist Youth Federation. Interior Minister Juan
Palnero issued a resolution which dehands that the Justice Ministry take
punitive measures against the numbers and supporters of the Tacuara nationalist
movement, its Nationalist Students Union brance, the Nationalist Restoration
Guard, and the Communist Youth Federation (PJC).

According to a special report issued by the federal police upon the request
of the ministry, the resolution is based upon the charge that the organizations
are seting as "veritable lawless associations" in "carrying out violent actions."
It is also planned to instruct the federal police to give the utmost cooperation
to the Justice Department in order to investigate the facts and, when neccessary,
to arrest the perpetrators.

                                 - 0 -

MEATRACKING INDUSTRY CRISIS--Burnos-Aires--Two of the largest meatpacking
plants in Argentina, Swift and Armour, have reduced their operations, claim-
ing that the Argenine currency they receive for their imports does not cover
the costs of meat prices in the domestic market. Numerous workers have been
fired as a result of this reduction in operations, thus compounding the mear-
packing crisis. (Buenos Aires AMSA Spanish 0126 GMT 6 July 1965--P) Sources
close to the Argentine exonomic cabinet have reported that the restriction of 
meat consumption will ban the handling and consumption of meat on Fridays and
Saturdays instead of Mondays and Tuessdays. Exports will be stepped up,
exempting steers for export from taxes. The economy minister has received a
committee representing the 8,0000 meatpacking industry workers affected by a 
decline in operations, assuring that the government is considering
measures to reactivate those industries to promote exports of meat and its
syproducts. (Buenos Aires AMSA Spanish 1556 GMT 6 July 1965--P)

RELATIONS WITH ALGERIA--The Argentine Foreign Ministry has unofficially
announced that Argentina will continue to have diplomatic relations with Algeria.
An official communique will be issued in a few days. (Buenos Aires AMSA
Spanish 1556 GMT 6 July 1965--P) (FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY)

ANTARTIC FLYING SAUCERS--A group of red,green, and yellow flying saucers
has been seen flying over Deception Island for two hours by Argentine,
Chilean, and British bases in Antarctica. The flying saucers were also seen
flying in formation over the South Orkney islands in quick circles. (Buenos
Aires AMSA Spanish 1556 GMT 6 July 1965--P) (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

CRUDE OIL (Unreadable)- it has been leaned that the Argentine Y?? has announced
that bids from private companies will be received for the purchase of
1 million cubic meters of crude oil. (Lima APP Spanish 1835 GMT


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