"Malmstrom AFB - UFO Sighting"

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By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

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                                     DDO UPDATE

                                                        AS OF 081400 EST NOV 1975

(U) From 080253 EST Nov 75 to 080420 EST Nov 75, Malmstrom AFB MT
and four SAC sites reported a series of visual and radar contacts
with unidentified flying objects. Several reports from the same
locations included jet engine sounds associated with the observed
bright lights. Two interceptors scrambled from the 24th NORAD Region
failed to make contact with the UFO's.

(U) The UFO sightings occurred on an extremely clear night. Visibility
was 45 miles. Although northern lights will cause phenomena similar
to the recieved reports, weather services indicated no possibility
of the northern lights during the period in question. (SOURCE: NMCC
MFR 080600 EST NOV 75.

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Sources --
---------- http://www.defenselink.mil/pubs/foi/ufo/assort1.pdf (Page 22)