"Malmstrom AFB - UFO Sighting"

Transcribed To Text
By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

                                           N M C C
                             THE NATIONAL MILITARY COMMAND CENTER
                                    WASHINTGON DC 20301

                                                                    21 January 1976
                                                                    0630 EST


Subject: Report of UFO - Cannon AFB NM

Reference: AFOC Phonecon 21055 EST JAN 76

The following information was received from the Air Force
Operations Center at 0555 EST:

        "Two UFOs are reported near the flight line at Cannon AFB,
New Mexico. Security Police observing them reported the UFOs
to be 25 yards in diameter, gold or silver in color with blue
light on top, hole in the middle and red light on bottom. Air
Force is checking with radar. "Additionally, checkin weather
inversion data."

                                              J.B. MORIN
                                              Rear Admiral, USN
                                              Deputy Director for
                                              Operations, NMCC

Sources --
---------- http://www.defenselink.mil/pubs/foi/ufo/assort1.pdf (Page 33)