"Bob Lazar 2 - Construction Of The Craft"

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By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

Construction Of The Craft

Lazar says the craft was seamless, as if it was enjection molded. It looked like brushed aluminum, but was more like an unfinished stainless steel. The craft had 3 layers and he was never allowed onto the upper most level.

Bottom Level

The bottom most level is where the gravity amplifiers and waveguides are contained. The waveguides swivel and can be pointed to guide the craft a particular direction. The amplifiers take the Gravity wave produced above, amplify it and then point it to the waveguides.

Middle Level

The center level contains the reactor, which holds the element 115, and creates the nuclear reaction that fuels the craft, the reactor is positioned directly above and center of the waveguides. The center level also houses the controls and seats, both of which were too small and low to the floor for adult humans to operate easily. The outter shell of this area is made of archways which meet in the center. Lazar claimed that when the craft was powered these archways outter skin became transparent as if it was a window. When this happened he said he also saw writing appear on one side of the archway. The writting was unlike anything he had ever seen.

Upper Level

Lazar says he was never allowed into this level of the craft, where the porthole looking features are.

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