"Bob Lazar 1 - (The Basics)"

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Who is Bob Lazar?

In 1989 a man named Bob Lazar came on local Las Vegas new station KLAS and announced that he had been employed by the government and worked on flying saucers at Area 51. His reason for coming forward?, protection from the government.

Bob Lazar told interviewers that he held degrees in physics and electronics, and had worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He claimed the job at Area 51 came from someone referring him to EG&G a company under contract by the government, only saying that the job they were offering was something they thought he would be interested in. He was interviewed and hired.

Bob Lazar claims the government had 9 saucers at a base location called "Area S-4" in the vicinity of Papoose Lake. Area S-4 is located about 15 miles south of Area 51. He claimed the technology he saw was beyond our capabilities, and was extraterrestrial. When he was initially hired he did not know what he would be working on, but shortly after arriving at the base he saw the saucer, as well as many others, and witnessed it lifting off the ground.

While working at the base Lazar said that he was threatened numerous times, verbally, and physically, but no harm was ever done to him. He said at one meeting guards stood nearby with M-16 riffles and proceeded to hold him at gunpoint to the head. He was yelled at, and had fingers jabbed at his chest. He said it wasnt a great place to work.

Bob Lazar says he quit his job, and was not fired, only after harrassments and threats increased. Lazar claims officials found out he had taken visitors (friends and family) out to a location where they could view test flights from public land. He had a access to a schedule of test flights while working on base.

Bob Lazar claims the government erased his history, made him a "non-person". He said he called places, and all records of his existance were gone, schools, hospitals,past jobs ect.. Interviewers later attempted to verify his claims, and ran into the same problems. But bits and pieces did show that he had been employeed by the government, not in the job possitions he had claimed though.

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