Caption Reads RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region 1947
"Toxic Burning - Government Stalls Suits"

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August 2002

July of this year Lawyer Jonathan Turley filed an appeal against the 9th Circuit court in an attempt to move the case to the Supreme Court. Turley said he knew that most cases dont make it to the Supreme Court but he figured this case should intrest some justices.

The 9th Circuit court voted 3-0 that workers and widows of former employees are not intitled to know what hazerdous substances exist at Area 51, if any, and how they are disposed of. The court also ruled that any inspections that were conducted at the base, and even the bases name would not be disclosed.

Turley filed to have a rehearing for the case, but it was declined in April of the year. So now the case sits, until the Supreme Court decides if it should be heard or not.

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"It is believed as many as 8 alien bodies were found at the Roswell Crash, One or Two alive."
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