"Toxic Burning - Government Stalls Suits"

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By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

November 1997

Two years later, the ongoing battle against toxic burning at Area 51 continues. The government has yet to affirm or decline the charges being brought against them. The government instead is taking the stance that the case should be dismissed on grounds that the case could create a national security risk.

The law they are using is one called "National-Security-Privilege" where the government can prevent disclosures in court when military operations or secrecy is involved.

The government in the last year of court, has yet to admit the bases existance, and even declined to admit that Helen Frosts husband ever worked there. Although the government claims the place dosnt exist, the plaintiffs side has supplied more than 300 documents that make mention to the base in one aspect or another.

Recently the government sealed lawyer Jonathan Turleys' office due to the fact he now has classified documents. Some of which where not made classified until he aquired them as evidence. Jonathan Turley has lost the right to remove files from his own law office. Only himself and his office staff are allowed into the office. As Turley gathers evidence, such as base manuals and information on procedures that create waste, the government proceeds to make the documents "classified material" which exempts use of the material as evidence in court. Turley said that over two dozen employees have failed to join the lawsuit for the simple reason that the governments stand point on the case is too extreme. Many fear up to 10 years jail time for coming forward to talk about what they have seen. Turley says he has been threatened with prosecution for allegedly violating national security.

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