"Toxic Burning - Medical Symptoms"

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By Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

September 1995

One year later, the case continues, Helen Frost continues her lawsuit against the government. Helen Frost claims her husbands death was related to his exposure to toxic burning that occured at top secret base Area 51.

While the government keeps denying existance of the base, and declining medical claims made by former employees, people are still dying. Stella Kasza another plaintiff in the case lost her husband in April of this year. She described similar symptoms, to those that Frost had.

Employees had named it "Fish Scaling" due to the skin cracking, flaking off and peeling. Kasza reported removing her husbands skin with sandpaper at times. Helen Frost reported she would remove skin from her husband using washcloths.

By the time Frost passed away, he had already sent tissue samples for examination. The Dr. who performed these tests was Peter Kahn, a Professor of Biochemistry at Rutgers University. Peter Kahn was previously on the "Agent Orange Review Committee" who were investigating the link between veterans with illnesses possibly related to "Agent Orange" and herbicides used in Vietnam.

Turley, the lawyer for the plaintiffs filed the affidavit by Peter Kahn which showed that tissue samples after testing revealed "substantial exposure to chemicals which contain and/or convert to dioxins and dibenzofurans."

While Frosts death was attributed to liver disease caused by alcohol, Kahn said that the dioxins found in his body ususally target the liver, and that if they did not cause his death, they probably spead the process causing a premature death.

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