"Toxic Burning At Area 51 (Part 1)"

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March 1994

Johnathan Turley a George Washington University Professor and Director of the Enviromental Crimes Project notified the Air Force Secretary Sheila Widnall that he was preparing a case related to activities at Groom Lake.

Turley said in an interview that his clients who are unamed are only seeking medical monitoring and compensation for those who are injured.

One of the clients reported that chemicals were brought in on semi-trucks in 55 gallon drums. The drums contained resins, solvents, hardners, and paints that Lockheed Martin used to paint radar evading stealth bombers.

Clients said that these trucks passed a complex where over 2000 employees lived on base. At the foot of Papoose Mountain 100 yard trenches were dug, where the drums would be dumped, soaked in jet fuel and ignited.

Since the initial claims were made in 1993 Thomas Fronapfel, the only government employee of the EPA with security clearance to enter the base had made two trips to look for evidence of burning. He only said that most of what he found was that papers had been burnt.

August 22, 1994

Jonathan Turley filed a 48-page complaint against military base "Area 51". The complaint was initially filed by a Las Vegas widow, Helen Frost and six unnamed plaintiffs who are described as former employees of the base. The filing was delayed until the court granted permission for the identities of the plaintiffs to be kept anonymous.

Employees reported that hazerdous materials such as (paint, hardners, and solvents) were burnt in open trenches covered by combustable materials. The waste contained in barrels would then explode into clouds of hazardous gas. Employees envolved in the burnings did not wear any protective gear and were exposed to these chemicals. Dioxins, furans, methylethyl ketone and trichloroethylene were some of the chemicals listed in the suit. Employees requested protective gear but were denied anything other than gloves and masks, which they had to purchase.

Helen Frost made a sworn statement of her husbands conditions before his death in 1989. She claimed her husband was concerned about the high number of people (from the base) with skin, heart, and cancer problems.

Helen Frost had already filed a federal case against the base in 1993 where she claimed her husbands liver problems were directly related to his exposure to toxic fumes at the base. She also stated that his skin had scaling and progressed to a state where it began to crack and bleed. Her husband would sometimes come home in pain, complaining that his face and body was burning the year before his death.

The problem with this lawsuit is that the base is protected by secrecy laws. The employees suing wish to remain anonymous for fear they could be harmed physically if they came forward and talked.

Carol Browner of the EPA responded to a motion filed on the 2nd where she admitted that her agency failed to inspect the base. However the recent suit has brought three government officals forward as defendants.

Defense Secretary - William Perry
National Security Adviser - Anthony Lake
Air Force Secretary - Sheila Widnall

Turley said "The clock is now running. If the military continues this charade of denying the existence of Area 51, they will have to be prepared to lie or mislead in court proceedings."

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