"Area 51 1 - What is Area 51?"

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What is Area 51?

Area 51 is the base that didnt exist, and still dosnt as of 2004 in some aspects. Area 51 is a place the United States government uses for development and testing of top secret aircraft, and some say even extraterrestrial vehicles. The base which dosnt appear on maps, didnt exist as far as the government was concerned for quite some time. In 1995 President Clinton signed a document excluding the base from enviromental monitoring. With that document, the government at least admitted that something was out there, it reffered to the base as "The United States Air Force operating location near Groom Lake".


Area 51 is about 90 miles northeast of Las Vegas Nevada. A remote location near Papoose mountain in the Mohave desert, part of the Nellis Air Force Bombing Range. The base sits at the edge of a dry lake bed, Groom Lake. Other names for the base are "Dreamland, The Farm, Groom Lake, and Watertown. While all these names are used for the base, none of them are official. It is believed that just like most material related to Area 51 the names for the base are classified material as well.

The Nellis Bombing Range which was established in 1940 by President Roosevelt with the signing of Executive Order 8578 siezed 3.5 million acres of land, including the dry lake bed, and some mountains to create the range. The range over years has been broken up into sections, which is where some believe the name "Area 51" came from.

What is Area 51 for?

In the Mid 40's Area 51 was just some landing strips, used for training pilots. In 1955 Tony LeVier, discovered the location while searching for a place to test the U-2 spy plane. Shortly after the CIA started work on the location. A runway was built on the southern end of the lake bed, and Lockheed Skunkworks began construction of a facility. This same year President Eisenhower signed documents restricting the airspace above the base. In 1960 the base began to expand when testing of the A-12 or blackbird began. The expansion included lengthening the runway to 8500', a fuel facility that is estimated to hold over 1.3 million gallons of fuel, as well as additional restricted land and airspace making the "groom box" as its called.

Over the years many aircraft were developed and tested at this site. The Have Blue, F117, D-21 Drone, and many other stealth or radar evading/spoofing vehicles. However over the years the secrecy surrounding the base has led some to believe things other than aircraft testing take place at this location.

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