"Travis Walton - On Board The UFO"

Travis Walton, abducted by a UFO in the forrests of Arizona, had six witnesses to verify that he was in fact "Taken". Missing for 5 days, leaving no trace the police could follow, only to reappear one night, with a story to tell.

Travis Walton claims he awoke while on board a UFO. Unaware of where he was he first thought it was a hospital, with nurses and doctors, but then as his vision cleared he could see that the people around him were not people.

Walton claims figures around five feet tall with large brown eyes were around him, a metal object was wrapped around his body. He struggled and got up from the table he was laying on, grabbed an object nearby and started yelling. The alien beings backed away and left the room. Walton claims he then gathered himself leaning against the table,looked for a weapon in fear they would return and exited out a door of the room into a hallway.

Walton says he followed the hall past a door, and then to another room, where he found a chair and controls. There and saw stars outside the exterior walls. He pressed a lever and the stars began to move. Afraid he could crash the vehicle, he moved away from the controls and walked towards a door but it did not open. Walton went back to the controls, when he heard a noise, he turned to find a Human standing behind him at the door.

The Human wearing a blue tight fitting suit had him follow and walk down the hall to an outter door, where he was led down a ramp. Looking around he saw that he was still inside something that appeared to be a larger version of the vehicle. He witnessed three saucers hovering inside.

Walton was then led down another hallway and into another room, where he saw three more Humans. Two men and one woman, dressed the same, standing next to a table. As Walton was led to the table he claims he began to protest thier actions, but non responded, only pushing him back onto a table. The female figure suddenly had a clear looking mask, with no tubes, only a black ball on top, which was put over his face.

The next thing Walton remembers is waking up at the gas station. He only remembered what he said was an hour and a half, on board the ship. He was missing 5 days.

(For More Info Visit the Travis Walton Website Below) Sources --
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