"Travis Walton - The Abduction"

November 5th 1975

Travis Walton, Dwayne Smith, Allen Dalis, John Goulette, Steve Pierce, Kenneth Peterson, Mike Rogers

Travis Walton and six other workers leave thier job site around 6:00pm to head home for the evening. The crew of seven are working on a contract for the National Forest Service in the Sitgreaves National Forest, Arizona,. On the drive home thru the forest, the crew in a pickup truck notices a bright glowing in the distant treeline. The truck continues down the road where they pass a clearing and can see something above the trees.

The workers in the truck comment on how it looked like it could be a crashed plane, or possibly a fire. As the truck came to another clearing they slowed for a better look. Mike Rogers, Travis Waltons boss who was driving the truck slammed on the breaks, and thats when the object came into view. Allen Dalis, yelled "Its a flying saucer".

The truck sat still, engine off, with everyone staring at the object hovering above the trees. Travis Walton decided this was the chance of a lifetime, and exited the truck for a closer look. As Walton started to walk towards the object the men in the truck started asking what he was doing. Walton continued until he was under the glowing objects reflection.

Suddenly a beam of light came down and began to lift Walton from the ground, the six men in the truck began yelling, started the truck and took off. Down the road, Mike stopped the truck, and discussed going back for Walton. At this point they saw the object move away in the distance, and decided to go back together rather than split up. When they reached the site, and pulled the truck up to light the area, they found nothing. The group searched the area but Travis was gone.

The men got back in the truck and started back into town again. In the car they discussed what they needed to do, who they needed to tell. Arriving in town they notified the authorities, Sheriff L.C. Ellison of Heber, Navajo County Sheriff Marlin Gillespie and his deputy Kenneth Coplan. The Sheriff's and Deputy as well as 3 of the six men returned to the site to search for Walton. They gave up and returned to town at 1:30 the next morning.

When Waltons mother and sister were informed that he had been taken by a UFO, they both had calm reactions. In fact Duane, Waltons brother and mother commented on how they had seen UFO's before. The next morning the police returned to the woods but were unable to find any evidence that Walton had been in the area. Some started to think someone in the group of men had killed him and dumped the body in the woods. Two days later all the men agreed to take lie detector tests.

Of the six men, five passed the test. Allen Dalis's test was labeled inconclusive.

November 11th 1975

Sometime after midnight Walton awoke, on the concrete pavement of a filling station "Union 76" in Heber, Arizona. He made it to the payphone, and dialed the operator. The operator connected him to his sisters house, her huband answered the phone. He almost didnt believe it was Walton, but decided he needed to go to the gas station just to check it out. Grant Neff, Waltons Brother inlaw stopped to pickup Duane, Waltons brother, and traveled to the gas station where they found Travis.

Travis too, took a lie detector test a few days after he reappeared. He failed the first test, as he was still unclear what had happened. However several tests were performed later, all of which he passed, one as late as 1993.

What Tavis Walton remembers happening to him while he was gone is another whole story.

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