Caption Reads RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region 1947
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Roswell Festival 2007 - JULY 12 07:
· I attended the festival this year, photos of the festival Starchild Skulls and the actual Crash Site will be on the photo gallery.

Roper Poll - August 2002:
· 72% of Americans Think The Government Does Not Tell Everything It Knows About UFO's
· 28% of Americans Believe the Governments Weather Balloon Story. (Only 3 in 10)

Trip to the Roswell NM, & the Socorro VLA - 07/08/05:
I recently took a trip to Roswell for the Annual UFO Festival, afterwards a short trip
to the Very Large Array in Socorro New Mexico. Information and pictures soon to be posted

Trip to the Area 51 - 08/06/05:
Coming soon, pictures and information on my latest trip to Area 51.

Starlike Object - 08/26/05:
Video of starlike object changing color, I took this outside a friends house at 5:45am. Watch Video

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"It is believed as many as 8 alien bodies were found at the Roswell Crash, One or Two alive."
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